About Bluegrassrags Cattery:


Bluegrass Rags, located in Winchester, Kentucky, is dedicated to raising lovable healthy Ragdoll kittens. My cattery actually started in 1998, and is owned by myself, Cindy Carpenter. I am dedicated to the healthiness and well being for each cat raised in my cattery My cats / kittens receive the highest level of care.

I have chosen to raise my cats / kittens in a cattery environment because of its many advantages to their overall health. Design, layout and personal involvement have helped me to limit the few disadvantages of a cattery environment. For example, unlike many catteries, I do not use cages. My females have the use of 3 large roaming areas filled with scratching posts and wall-mounted platforms for climbing and sleeping. My kitten nursery has divided areas for keeping each litter separate. Each area, however, is large enough for the kittens to run and play. To prohibit unwanted breeding, my males are also kept in divided areas. These are not cages, but large pens which provide adequate space for climbing and getting exercise.

Having a cattery provides a healthy environment for all of my cats and kittens. My cattery is fully heated and air-conditioned with lots of natural light. All surfaces in our cattery with the exception of carpeted scratching posts and platforms are washable. I have wall-to-wall linoleum. This means that I can (and periodically do) disinfect the entire cattery to ensure my cats a healthy environment. My cattery is approximately 1800 square feet which is a wonderful amount of living space for my feline families. I welcome visits by appointment to the cattery to “show off” my cats’ beautiful home. They truly have it made!

If you are interested in adopting a Bluegrassrags kitten or adult, please review this important information.

Our Ragdolls come in both of the “traditional” Ragdoll colors which are “Blue” and “Seal”. We also have the “red” (flame) color. all three major patterns as well as the “Lynx” and “Tortie” patterns.

To learn more about the Ragdoll breed including patterns and colors, you can find information at both the

The International Cat Association (TICA) Ragdoll webpage
Cat Fanciers Assocation (CFA) Ragdoll webpage

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